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The Charles is a luxury residential building that offers a distinctive collection of expansive full-floor residences, which are open up to over 3,300 square feet each. The property is located on the UES, in New York City. In March 2008, The Seventh Art was contracted to name and brand of the then concept property. The interiors where designed by the London Based David Collins Studio (DCS). It  marked the first time the famed designer, the late David Collins (1955-2013), undertook designing a multi-residential property in the US.  After a delayed production schedule, the property was later rebranded. I was the creative lead for the first iteration of the brand identity creation, and naming.


A Residential Luxury Building Designed by an Icon

Brand/Logo Design

Collateral Design


Sales Office Planning


Website Design

Agency: Art & Innovation Director at The Seventh Art, 2008

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