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Technology Transformation & Business Optimization


Website Re-platforming & SaaS Management

While Creative Director for W. P. Carey Inc. (WPC) (2019 - 2022), a leading commercial REIT, I was tasked to co-manage the re-platforming of the multi-billion dollar portfolio firm’s corporate and investor websites. Due to two senior departures on my team, and a departmental restructure, I stepped into a MarTech managerial role as well, co-managing the external production team, being a point person for the SaaS sales and TAM teams, co-managing the stack, etc. The expedited project was completed on time, before the hard deadline transpired.

Optimizing Windows of Opportunity

As wheels were already in motion for WPC’s multi-website re-platforming, before I was brought on the project,  I inquired with the external web production team and found an opportunity for WPC to modernize the company’s visual identity at a significant cost savings, if a re-design were to happen in tandem with the re-platforming. In a short and expedited time frame, I refreshed the corporation's visual identity, enhanced the multi-audience user experience, and co-managed the re-platforming of the two sites, on time, with cost savings. 


Designing Data Collection Channels for Sustainability Sake

To help WPC's asset management team, in their tenant outreach efforts to collect energy consumption data for its real estate portfolio, I provided foundational integrated comms support by optimizing existing internal technology tools to create engagement and data capture campaigns.. The result of the tenant outreach survey campaign, in its various beta stages, assisted the WPC asset management team as WPC continues to build its corporate sustainability efforts.

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