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Origins in Design, Business, & Sustainability

The Fine Art of Design, Plus Building & Material Sciences

Math and Geometry Tools

Interior Design, BFA

though my undergraduate degree is a bachelor’s of fine arts, the interior design program at FIT was robust and intense, rooted in design, science, technology, and math.


When I first started the 4-year program in 2000, there were a few hundred students enrolled. 4-years later, there were about 40 or so students who made it to graduation. 

For my thesis research and design capstone, I was the only student to fully base my project on principles of sustainable development and green design best practices.

Though I was on the Dean’s lost by my senior year, my over all GPA was 3.39. Below is the course load that was required for graduation.

Course Work

Fall 2000

  1. Three Dimensional Design

  2. Into to Computer Graphics

  3. English Composition

  4. History of Western Art/Civ: Ancient/Renaissance

  5. Interior Design Studio 1

  6. Survey of Interior Design

  7. Presentation Techniques 1

  8. Design Color & Light Principle Theory

Fall 2001

  1. Writing for Business

  2. Interior Design Studio III

  3. Interior Design 1650-1850

  4. Lighting Design I

  5. Material/Methods for Interior Construction

  6. Computer Aided Draft/Design

  7. Intro to World Affairs 

  8. Textile Principles for Interior Designers

Spring 2001

  1. Drawing II

  2. Interior Design Studio II

  3. Presentation Techniques II

  4. Model Construction 

  5. Interior Draft & Perspective Drawing

  6. Computer Space Model & Visualization

  7. Yoga (Req. gym course)

  8. Tai Chi (Req. gym course)

Spring 2002

  1. History of Western Art/Civ:Renaissance/Modern

  2. Interior Design Studio IV

  3. Interior Design 1850-1950

  4. Interior Design Working Drawings

  5. Professional Practice I

  6. Calculus

  7. Into Biological Science

Fall 2002

  1. Signage and Graphics

  2. Interior Design Studio

  3. Presentation Techniques III

  4. Interior Arch Detailing

  5. AutoCAD II

  6. Furniture, Finishes, Fixtures, & Equipment

  7. Environmental Experience

Fall 2003

  1. Into to 3D Modeling

  2. French Conversation I

  3. Interior Design Studio VII

  4. Furniture & Product Design

  5. Environmental Systems

  6. Senior Thesis Design ProjectResearch

  7. Basic Photo For Interior Design

  8. Cross Cultural Studies

Spring 2003

  1. French I

  2. Interior Design Studio  VI

  3. Material & Methods ID

  4. Construction I

  5. Building Regulations

  6. Computer Rendering

  7. U.S. History: Civil War-Present

Spring 2004

  1. Multimedia Presentation

  2. Furniture & Product Design II

  3. Professional Practice  II

  4. Ecology & The Built Environment

  5. Senior Thesis Design Project

Components from my thesis research and design solutions


 Between April - December 2001, I interned as an editorial intern for Rolling Stone Magazine, a production intern for Luck Duck Productions, and an arts department intern for MTVN Network’s special events department. In order to do so, I had to enroll for two courses, in a separate college, simultaneously during my time at FIT, as it did not support students taking internships before their junior year, let alone ones outside of the explicit practice of interior design.


To be able to participate in the internship,  I had to prove that I was receiving college credits. I enrolled in a distant eligible American literature and a sociology course to meet that requirement, since my college would not. When I explained to the professor the situation, the opportunity, and the barrier for such a chance, they agreed to sign the internship form if I committed to maintaining a good grade in two courses. So, things worked out!

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