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Data Gymnastics
(i.e., Analysis, Distillation, Application, Visualization, etc.)


Data Visualization

Before the era of Canva, Pitch, and chatPGT prompts, most business presentations (and even still today) used programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, Keynote, and/or Adobe programs to visualize data for presentations. Data Vizualization and presentation design are synonymous, to a degree. Over 20+ years, I have visualized various data sets for numerous presentations. 

Crafting, Extracting, & Managing Data

 Good data managed, and good data in, results in good data out and better stories told and more problems solved. To become a better and more credible storyteller, I’ve learned the basics of a variety of data-centric software and management tools, and studied best practices for data analysis, engineer, management and strategy. They include: Power BI, Power Query, Tableau, and SQL.

White Cubes

Applying Data

Data is accumulated for various reasons . When data is utilized to inform solutions design, great progress can be made. For instance, data analysis is a crucial step in creating, applying, and managing climate action, zero-waste, and scope 3 emissions reduction solutions.

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