My name is Danelle Marqui Brown. Some call me "Day" or "Dae."  I am an interdisciplinary professional. Some labels that I go by are: creative director, designer, historian, advocate, researcher, mentor, and biz consultant. Like all of us, I do not fit into one box. 

I am the founder and chief polymath of By Mnemosyne—an interdisciplinary practice that bridges the arts and sciences to transform and enhance creativity, society, and industry (est. 2013). I founded it in order to dive deeper into my graduate studies at Harvard (2012-2016) and to create an opportunity to infuse lessons learned from history, design thinking, and creativity into the work of my clients and partners. Clients and projects include(d) May Lindstrom Skin, Phuong Dang Perfumes, Wonderful World: Friends of Music Therapy, and Chicken & Egg Pictures.

I have over a decade of experience working for various agencies, studios, and organizations in design, experience, research, and strategy roles. Companies include(d) Jack Morton Worldwide, Douglas Elliman, Edelman, J.Crew, MTV Networks, and some accounts assigned were Lego, Dell, Volkswagen, Anheuser Busch, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal, Tribeca Film Festival, Scholastic, Emblem Health, and various Pharma companies. Additionally, since 2005, I have been involved with various social impact organizations, advocating for rights, equality, and justice.


Additionally, I am a former certified birth doula through DONA International, and a current member of the New York Academy of Medicine and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. I have served as an ambassador for the New York Academy of Sciences, a mentor for the Global STEM Alliance, and a committee member for The Music & Health Clinic Steering Committee for The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine.  Most recently, I served as a Community Teaching Assistant for The Harvard's edX Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) series, World Religions Through Their Scriptures (2016 & 2018).

I hold a master of liberal arts degree, with a concentration in the history of science, technology and medicine, from the Harvard Extension School (HES); a professional certificate in Religious Studies and Education through a partnership with the Harvard Divinity School (HDS) and HES; and a bachelor of fine arts degree, with a concentration in interior design and sustainability, from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

my journey


Some people do not quite get how I was an interior design student as an undergrad, got into branding, then became a birth doula, and down the road became a Harvard grad/historian of science, technology, and medicine, amongst several other things. This timeline could help.






America changed. Took a social pulse. Mentored a lot.

When I started my graduate studies in the history of science, technology, and medicine, and a hybrid program in religious literacy as well, science, healthcare, religious, educational, and social landscapes were much different prior 2017. It took me some time to adjust to the new climate.

I made the choice to only work on one major account, and then spend the rest of my efforts mentoring and volunteering. I did so because I wanted to be of service, and also I wanted to gauge the terrains in different areas before I committed to my next full-time endeavor. 

Oh...and I took my first vacation since 2012!


Graduated from Harvard! Client launched at Barneys.

On May 26th, 2016, I finally earned my master's degree! In September, By Mnemosyne's client Phuong Dang Perfumes launched its olfactory art collection exclusively at Barneys New York. My two big to do's of 2016 had been completed.


Same old, same old. School. Work. School. Work. School.

...same a previous year + stopped permalancing for JMW, invited to be participant at the inaugural Onassis Festival of Art & Ideas, commissioned to create and curate a STEM exhibit, and new 5 month contract.


Same old, same old. School. Work. School. Work. School.

There was a lot of reading and writing in my mobile office (the bus). Much time was spent in NYC and Harvard libraries. Long hours were conducted for big pitches and a lot of presentations made for teams. I gave my 1st talk as a historian. 


School. Work. School.

Founded By Mnemosyne.

There was a lot of reading and writing in my mobile office (the bus). Much time was spent in NYC and Harvard libraries. Long hours were conducted for big pitches and a lot of presentations made for teams. I gave my 1st talk as a historian. 


The grad school journey officially began.

2-weeks before grad school at Harvard was to begin, I thought I was all set to move to the Boston area. I had given up my NYC apartment, because I thought I had a job lined up in Boston and planned on putting a deposit down on a new apartment. However, at the last minute, the job offer was pulled for an executive believed that I would not be able to balance work plus grad school. He informed the hiring team not to hire me. So, instead, I found a part-time permalance position in NYC (since I knew its market better), had a weekend to find an apartment, and decided I would commute weekly to Cambridge to continue the pursuit of my dream.

So began the journey of working at least 3-days per week (minimum) at Jack Morton Worldwide in NYC, and making at least weekly 11-12 hr roundtrip commutes to Harvard for several years. Since I had given up coffee the previous year, I drank a lot of chlorophyll, yerba mate, and green tea during these times.


In pursuit of a grad school dream

In between my freelance assignments, I participated in public symposiums and took continuing education courses to help me prepare for my grad school dreams. 


Eyes opened. Professional pivot.

When St. Vincent's Hospital closed in April 2010, it had an archaic side effect. Because of legalities, home births became outlawed in NYC. It was mind boggling to me  that in NYC 2010, a midwife could get arrested for attending a home birth.  

Technically, I understood why. However, I grew concerned and curious as to the cultural/social reasons why. Based upon some observations in various hospitals settings as a birth doula, I began to form some hypotheses. Those were reinforced by social field observations as well.

As a creative by day, working in a big media company, I so happened to work on several healthcare & medical accounts, among others. Work itself  made me question the correlations between the various narratives that creatives and the media are responsible for when it comes to the intersections of society. health, and gender literacy and outcomes.

In June 2010, I took a much needed vacation, many years pastdue. It was then that I had a moment of pause and clarity. I embraced an old held dream that I had as an insecure high school student.


Though I took A.P. European history in High School, some how I got it in my head that I was not smart enough to study history in college. I loved being creative and followed that path instead. I shelved the dream to become a historian.

In 2010, I realized that both creativity, and historical knowledge were necessary in order to address and remedy to various social rifts I began to see in society.  I remembered my old dream and began to nurture it.


Creative by day. Doula by night. Market shifts.

I freelanced for various companies as a presentation specialist—a chameleon skill. Nickelodeon, AR Media, McCann, and The Knot Magazine were some of the few companies I worked for. One of my biggest accounts, Power Pilates, would have turned into a full-time position had there had been a budget to hire me.


Creative by day. Doula by night. Market shifts.

At the new year, I was given the opportunity to work for an agency that allowed me to apply my interior design/real estate background with my new professional skills. However, by that September, the luxury RE market was volatile.


The path towards doulahood began

Ahead of the real estate market shift, it became challenging to find a job as an interior designer. After numerous applications, and no offers, I pivoted into branding & design research. Simultaneously, I began doula training.


A quest to end violence against women and girls

On New Year's Day, I had an idea—P.O.M.E.D. (Protect our Mother Earth's Daughters). The correlation between violence against women, girls, and the planet became very clear to me. The event took place on 20 June 2006.


Intro. to social impact and the purposeful arts

In Feb., I became a freelance interior designer, verses a permalancer. The same month, I met playwright & founder of V-day, Eve Ensler, at a book signing. I began volunteering for the non-profit organization whose goal is to end violence against women and girls at a global scale.  I also founded my 1st practice—Verte.


A new college grad with

an interior design degree

Right after graduation, I was lucky to start a job as an interior designer in an architectural studio. It was on a full-time permalance basis. My employer was impressed by my thesis on a sustainably designed hotel.


Student. Intern. Production Coordinator. Live-in Care Provider. RA.

In addition to being a full-time student that averaged 7 classes per semester, I was an editorial intern for Rolling Stone Magazine (Apr.-Jun. 2001); a production intern for Lucky Duck Productions (Jul-Aug. 2001); and a special events intern for MTV Networks (Sept.-Dec. 2001).  I was a seasonal production coordinator for the Tribeca Film Festival for its first three years (2002-2004) as well. In exchange for free rent, and a break from having to work part-time as a student, I was a live-in care provider for an 86-year old woman with Alzheimer's (Feb.-Aug. 2001). My senior year of college I was an RA for the all-girls dorm at FIT.

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